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Raw Almonds

Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt

Improve the mineral status of your body system by going for our in house roasted Himalayan salted almond heavy with bountiful natural essence. Helmeted with a handful of body building nutrients that provide trace minerals such as sodium chloride, magnesium and calcium necessary for you wellbeing, this pebble-size stones offers a delectable taste of salty crunchy nuts that will have you always wanting more.

Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt

These Dry Roasted  almonds Salted with Himalayan Salt  are roasted to perfection and have the right amount of salt. They are delicious and rich in nutrients, making them a great addition to your diet. Enjoy salted roasted almonds as a snack, or enjoy them for your cooking.

Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt

These Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt are roasted to perfection and have the right amount of salt. They are delicious and rich in nutrients, making them a great addition to your diet. Enjoy salted roasted almonds as a snack, or enjoy them for your cooking.

Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt

These Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt are one of the most nutritious of all nuts. Yummy and delicious, no oils added

Super Crunchy, dry roasted Delicious! Nature’s delicious “power packed” snack; dry Roasted Almonds / are the most nutritionally dense nut. These  Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt are loaded with vitamins, minerals, and are an excellent source of mono-unsaturated fats which promote healthy cholesterol levels. Nonpareil Almonds have a mild natural sweetness and a smooth light colored skin that makes them enjoyable time after time. Almonds contain lots of healthy fats, fiberproteinmagnesium and vitamin E. The health benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels, reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

What are Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt

Almond milk is also a delicious beverage and is an alternative to less nutritious cow’s milk. You can eat almonds directly, preferably on an empty stomach to increase and speed up the absorption of their nutrients. You can soak them in water overnight so you can eat them the next morning. Crushed almonds are also a wonderful garnish for a number of dishes. Almonds skin also contain antioxidants or polyphenolic compounds that can help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol.9 This is something that is critical when it comes to heart disease.

About Dry Roasted Almonds with Himalayan Salt

Enjoy a few to get antioxidants and healthy fats into your system along with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Research has shown that they can help with the following: Blood pressure, cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, cholesterol problems, and even digestive health. For the elderly. Almond intake could help slow cognitive decline thanks to the high levels of vitamin E in them. Some research also suggests that that the antioxidant vitamin offers the brain protection from neurodegenerative diseases.2 Separate studies have also shown that consuming alpha-tocopherol (a type of vitamin E) – equivalent to about 2000 IU of vitamin E – daily could help slow Alzheimer’s disease from progressing even in those with moderately severe impairment.

Life Cycle of an Almond Tree

The average lifespan of an almond tree is 20 to 25 years, and a healthy tree can produce between 50 and 65 pounds each year. They thrive in climates that provide hot, dry summers and cool winters, which is why California has had such phenomenal success growing almond trees. But how do they grow? After lying dormant over the winter, the trees burst into bloom in early spring, ready for pollination. We recently visited one of our almond suppliers and were able to walk through an orchard full of almonds in bloom (the source of the beautiful photos in this post), and it was an incredibly gorgeous sight!

Benefits of Almonds

After pollination (more on that below), the almond grows inside a fuzzy green hull from March until June. They look a little like green apricots, which makes sense, because almonds are actually stone fruits and members of the rose family, which also includes plums and peaches. In the summer, the hull breaks open, allowing the shell to dry and harden. Then it’s time to shake it up! From mid-August through October, mechanical tree shakers roll through the orchards, literally shaking the nuts onto the ground, where they continue to dry for a week or more before they’re swept up, separated from their hulls and shells, and sized. Whew!

Nutrient-rich almonds have many benefits: a one-ounce serving–about 23 nuts–contains approximately 164 calories, 14 grams of fat (mainly of the heart-healthy monounsaturated variety), 6 grams of protein, and 3.4 grams of fiber. They also contain calcium and great nutrients like vitamin E, manganese, and magnesium. Because they’re a low glycemic index food, almonds can help control blood sugar and maintain weight loss. The only problem? Almonds are so delicious, you may have trouble with portion control!

Popular Uses for Almonds

Beyond snacking, almonds have become ever-more popular in gluten free, paleo, and keto recipes, as well as low-carb baking:  is one of our top-selling products, and our customers use almond flour in recipes for cakes, cookies, muffins, pancakes, and more. Almonds also provide crunch for other flavored almonds and we–of course–love to sprinkle them on our morning oatmeal. SPECIAL ON THE ALMONDS

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