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Honey Glazed Almonds

Formulated from a fine blend of hygienically processed original honey and freshly harvested almond, our honey-glazed almond nuts distill from a superior desire towards a crispy splendorous taste merged with high nutritional value and addictive indulgence. Bursting with the right dosage of protein, healthy fat and antioxidant, this honey glazed almond covered in pure bee drip is perfect for anyone conscious on sugar intake but still desirous of that exciting sugary feel. You should also opt for these as they are perfect for topping a string bean casserole or an almond cake.

Honey Glazed Almonds


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Honey Glazed Almonds

These honey glazed almonds are amazingly crunchy. Honey Glazed Almonds have and Delicious! Super Crunchy,  Almonds are glazed to perfection with famous Leo Recipe. Nature’s delicious “power packed” snack;  Honey Glazed Almonds are the most nutritionally dense nut. These Honey Glazed Almonds are loaded with vitamins, minerals. It’s an excellent source of mono-unsaturated fats. they Promote healthy cholesterol levels. Nonpareil Almonds have a mild natural sweetness. Smooth light colored skin that makes them enjoyable time after time. Almonds contain lots of healthy fats: Like fiberproteinmagnesium and vitamin E. The health benefits of almonds include lower blood sugar levels. Reduced blood pressure and lower cholesterol levels. They can also reduce hunger and promote weight loss.

Honey Glazed Almonds

Almond milk is also a delicious beverage and is an alternative to less nutritious cow’s milk. You can eat almonds directly, preferably on an empty stomach. To increase and speed up the absorption of their nutrients. You can soak them in water overnight so you can eat them the next morning. Crushed almonds are also a wonderful garnish for a number of dishes. Almonds skin also contain antioxidants or polyphenolic compounds that can help prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol. This is something that is critical when it comes to heart disease.

About Honey Glazed Almonds

Enjoy a few to get antioxidants and healthy fats into your system along with plenty of vitamins and minerals. Research has shown that they can help with the following: Blood pressure, cardiovascular health, insulin sensitivity, cholesterol problems, and even digestive health. For the elderly. Almond intake could help slow cognitive decline thanks to the high levels of vitamin E in them. Some research also suggests that that the antioxidant vitamin offers the brain protection from neurodegenerative diseases.2 Separate studies have also shown that consuming alpha-tocopherol (a type of vitamin E) – equivalent to about 2000 IU of vitamin E – daily could help slow Alzheimer’s disease from progressing even in those with moderately severe impairment.

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