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Dry Roasted California Walnuts Halves & Pieces with Himalayan Salt
February 12, 2018
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February 12, 2018
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In Shell Raw Walnuts (English)


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In Shell Raw Walnuts (English)

In Shell Raw Walnuts English are one of the most nutritious of all nuts. Yummy and delicious, a handful will ward off hunger and tastes great too!

Raw California Walnuts Halves Pieces are one of the most nutritious of all nuts. Yummy and delicious, a handful will ward off hunger and tastes great too!

California Walnuts Halves Pieces are a wrinkly, globe-like nut. That is the fruit of the walnut tree. therefor they grow in a hard shell, which when opened reveals the walnut. Then split in two, and you will be familiar with seeing them as flat segments. Finally walnuts are usually eaten raw or roasted. Therefor walnuts contain good fats, such as monounsaturated, and polyunsaturated fats (PUFAs). They are also a great source of the essential fatty acid omega-3. They also contain iron, selenium, calcium, zinc, vitamin E and some B vitamins.

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In Shell Raw Walnuts English

contain important phytochemicals as well as high amounts of polyunsaturated fats. This does offer potential benefits for both brain health and brain function. Omega-3 plays a part by helping to reduce oxidative stress in the brain. Also by helping to improve brain signalling and neurogenesis, which is the creation of neurons.

The Journal of Nutrition reports that consumption of walnuts may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Walnut oil provides more favourable benefits to endothelial function. Therefor is the lining of the inside of our blood and lymphatic vessels. There has also been research into whole walnuts and how they can improve cholesterol levels. Markers for inflammation, which is also connected to a reduced risk of heart disease.

walnuts is one of the best you can eat. Research has proven it’s benefits can help prevent many chronic diseases. It is a simple food that you can eat as a snack or add to a smoothie or a salad. A handful of walnuts daily can provide your body with a plethora of essential minerals and vitamins — especially manganese, thiamine and folate. Several clinical studies have shown walnuts have potential in preventing cancer and heart disease, as well as promoting weight loss and maintaining brain health.


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