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Raw Pine Nuts / Pignolias

Pignolia/Pine Nuts, have a soft sweet and nutty flavor.

Raw Pine Nuts / Pignolias


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Raw Pine Nuts

Raw Pine nuts / Pignolias as some call it, have a soft sweet and nutty flavor. Turn them into a creamy pesto sauce, or for your baked goods for a nutty crunch. Roasting the pine nuts will bring out their great flavor to toss in a salad, or used for your favorite pasta dishes, and other food for that perfect crunch.

Raw Pine Nuts health benefits includes boosting energy, therefor curbing appetite, managing diabetes, supporting cardiovascular health, supporting psychological health, strengthening bones and boosting immune system. Because other benefits includes improving eyesight, supporting weight loss, rather enhancing skin and treating scalp problems.

First of all nutritionists favored pine nuts due to their high content of minerals and vitamins, which play an important role to improve your overall health. Pine nuts can be a safe source to keep your body energized; consuming a handful of nuts will result in improved concentration throughout the day. Moreover, incorporating them into your diet also wards off factors that contribute to psychological and eye-health.

What are Pine Nuts?

Raw Pine nuts are obtained from a pine tree that belongs to Pinaceae, genus Pinus family. As a result the nuts are hard and contain similar fat content like almonds. Above all Pine cuts go through a procedure containing several steps to become edible. It begins with the maturation of pine cone, and then harvesting is performed by placing matured cones in a burlap bag and exposing them to the sunlight. This procedure lasts up to 20 days. Moreover, North America and Asia are the common producers of pine nuts across the world.=

Above all read these amazing health benefits.
  • Seems like Pine Nut Boosts Energy.
  • It Curbs Appetite.
  • Great for Diabetics.
  • Boosts Cardiovascular Health.
  • For Psychological Health.
  • It Strengthens Bones.
  • For Immune System.
  • It Improves Eyesight.


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